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Discovering Cooking Lake

On Aug 7, 2010, we headed out to a place many geocachers have talked about; Cooking Lake and Blackfoot Rec. Area. It was a great experience from the moment we got there. Being new, we wandered over to a map and tried to figure out where to go. We were quickly apporached by a friendly Host who directed us to the right paths and told us some of the structures we might encounter along it. Our first few caches along the well groomed trails were challenging only in the fact that there were swarms of mosqiutoes hiding out in the bushes, waiting for some crazy fool to come close enough... AKA... us.
We were impressed with how maintained the trails were and how there were pit toilets and shelters all along our journey. We managed to make it to a shelter about 6-7 kms from the stagging area where we found more toilets and a fresh water supply... they really know how to take care of a hiker/biker out here.
The highlight of the day came when we were riding down the trails and came around the corne…

Jasper-Banff Cache Adventure

At the end of July, Joe Teton joined us and Anyatoo as we went off to Jasper and Banff for the weekend. On the way to our first stop in Jasper, we stopped in Hinton to show off a few of the local caches. Once in Jasper, we traveled to Pyramid Lake, the summit of Whistlers Mountain, and around the town-site collecting memories and caches. After two nights, we headed south to Banff, stopping along the way to visit wonderful locations with a few of them having caches and earthcaches. We spent two nights in Banff as well. The first day we headed back to Lake Louise via a secondary scenic highway again stopping at many locations and finding various caches, including a cache hidden in an old 1930's car that was abandoned long ago. That night we tried to go to the Banff Upper hot springs but were turned away due to someone blowing chunks in the pool. Then a big storm rolled in and we hid out in a Boston Pizza. While there, Torran turned on the GPS and discovered a cache across the street…

The Return To Hinton

Apr 23, 2010 we decided to take a break and head back to Hinton after 2 yrs. The weather held out for most of the trip and we were able to explore the town and Switzer Provincial Park. One of the highlights the trip was the fact we found our first ever Difficulty 5 cache.

On the Sunday, instead of heading home, we went the opposite direction to Jasper and then onward across the Alberta/BC border so that we could get our first ever BC cache and also so Tatterhood could save she's been to another Canadian Province.

On the way back, we stopping in Jasper for some lunch at Jasper Pizza (I highly recommend) and then it was back home. In all we found 37 caches and got to explore some really interesting areas.


In honour of our beloved dog, Inga who we will and have missed deeply.

We love you!

Hold down the fort.


March 13, 2010 marked the begining of our caching adventures this year. It started with the annual Edmonton Car And Release Winter Event... aka CARW2010. The event involved all area cachers hiding winter friendly, non micro caches in the Edmonton Region. The caches all get published on the same date and are then free game to grab.

We picked the closest to our house to begin the adventure and when the starting time passed we came up with the First To Find (FTF). MadCapR joined us in an all day frenzy that led us through St Albert, Edmonton and into the acreages of Spruce Grove. In the end we came up with over 20 finds including 6 FTF's!

It was a great day... hopefully one of many to come.

Chasing Satellites

The year 2009 started out with us in Utah. For Christmas, Joe Teton (Tatterhood's Dad) had gotten a lot of geocaching materials. Here we see the mastermind showing off his grasshopper cache.

Of corse, we did go out caching as well. This is down by Santa Claira. We were out with Tatterhood's parents (Joe Teton and Anyatoo) and with Tatterhood's old boss (Zer0). Tatterhood decided to try out the range of her camera, to the left is was it looked like at full zoom.

On the right, is what it really looked like.

Later that year, Tatterhood's sister came to live with us and we took her on a geocaching trip to Alberta Beach... the scenic route via Westlock.

Once summer had FINALLY arrived, we headed north to Slave Lake. This is one of the most unique caches we found... two tin cans placed one inside the other. It was called "The Poor Man's Cache.

As summer came to a quick close, we decided to camp in Elk Island National Park. Sure enough, we hiked one of the trails and f…

The Spirit of Adventure 2008

A brief glimpse of our adventures in 2008:

During the Spring of 2008, we spent most of the time close to home, finding and placing caches when we got a free chance. Here is Torran placing one of many caches in a local park.

In the summer, work was busy, so we didn't travel far. There were plenty of caches around town. This particular cache was one from a winter Cache and Release event where only ammo cans were used. Unfortunatly, this cache and the whole green area was ripped up due to a new ring road, the Anthony Henday, being constructed not long after we found this cache.

In July, 08 we headed out to Pigeon Lake to see Torran's Aunt with Torran's Dad and Brother (MadCapr). On the way, we stopped off at an Earthcache... Leduc #1

In September, Tatterhood suggested an impromptu trip to Hinton. On the way there we cached, making the 3hr trip into a 7hr trip. We stayed the night at a hotel and then went out on a winding bike trail in search of caches. What a spectacular hike …