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Night Cache

One night over the weekend, there was a wonderful full moon out and the temperature was above zero Celsius, so we randomly drove to a cache area. Once there we did a half mile walk to the cache and then bushwhacked to ground zero. Despite the great light cast off from the moon, the bushes still seemed eerie. Luckily all went well and we made the find. The stroll back was even better since the breeze was behind us. It was a great night. Sometimes night caching can be just as good as day caching... this was one of those times.

Black Friday Upgrade

So we decided to upgrade the GPS to a Garmin 60s. After receiving it, we took it out on a 4 day - single cache workout. Hasn't been much of a test for it just yet, so the jury is still out on if it is any better then the Colorado or not. Either way, it is a nice unit and we're glad to add it to our caching arsenal.