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ONEBADGTZ's Toy Jeep Travel Bug

So we decided to start sharing some of our Travel Bug finds along with a little write-up about them. We will also link several pages to the articles so you can go check out the caches, maps and the travel bug itself. 

This particular one we found in UA The Cache Effect which is a cache we check in on frequently since we often come here on a weekly basis. The travel bug itself is called ONEBADGTZ's Toy Jeep Travel Bug and has already logged 8248 miles.
The current goal for this little guy is to travel to cache "c 18-00-34" (GC22KTQ ) , located in Wixom, MI. The owner of the travel bug is looking to have a picture of this item taken in front of a building which is closest to AEV 
This Travel Bug was released on the 28th of May, 2012 in Ontario, Canada.

Return To Caching

For the last few years, Geocaching hasn't been much apart of our lives. However, things have recently changed and our focus has again turned to hobbies and sports such as this one. 

Since our last post, we have only had a handful of finds, most notable were two virtual caches located in the Maya Riviera of Mexico; one along the edge of Bryce Canyon, Utah; and two located at Long Lake, Alberta. 
This past weekend, Torran's work had their Christmas Party in Jasper, Alberta. The weather forecast looked promising so we decided to pack-up the snowshoes and go. 
We were pleasantly surprised when we arrived in Jasper and found only about an inch or two of snow. The weather remained beautiful all weekend. The first day, we headed up just behind the Jasper town-site to a popular trail system head. There, we headed off on the trails to grab the three nearby caches. 
The snow was so shallow that the snowshoes never left the truck. It was a fairly easy hike with some spectacular views. The pa…