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:. 2015 ROUNDUP .: Disneyland

In March of 2015, we were invited by our niece and nephew to go to Disneyland with them. Figuring it would be a once in a lifetime journey, we booked flights and a hotel. We departed on March 15th, flying from Edmonton to Las Angeles where Tatterhood's dad, Joe Teton, met us at the airport and drove us over to the beach where everyone was hanging out. We spent several hours relaxing before heading to our hotel in Anaheim. 
The next day, we took a shuttle over to Disneyland. It was decided that we would spend the first day at the California Adventures side of the park. The very first ride we got taken on was the Tower of Terror. Walking up to the tower and standing in line, Torran loved all the Art Deco architecture that surrounded him. So much so, he had to borrow a camera to take pictures of it all for his Minecraft ideas. The ride was pretty intense for our first ride. Torran was in a mild state of shock afterwards, becoming as white as a ghost. After a few swigs of cola and a l…