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Chasing Satellites

The year 2009 started out with us in Utah. For Christmas, Joe Teton (Tatterhood's Dad) had gotten a lot of geocaching materials. Here we see the mastermind showing off his grasshopper cache.

Of corse, we did go out caching as well. This is down by Santa Claira. We were out with Tatterhood's parents (Joe Teton and Anyatoo) and with Tatterhood's old boss (Zer0). Tatterhood decided to try out the range of her camera, to the left is was it looked like at full zoom.

On the right, is what it really looked like.

Later that year, Tatterhood's sister came to live with us and we took her on a geocaching trip to Alberta Beach... the scenic route via Westlock.

Once summer had FINALLY arrived, we headed north to Slave Lake. This is one of the most unique caches we found... two tin cans placed one inside the other. It was called "The Poor Man's Cache.

As summer came to a quick close, we decided to camp in Elk Island National Park. Sure enough, we hiked one of the trails and f…

The Spirit of Adventure 2008

A brief glimpse of our adventures in 2008:

During the Spring of 2008, we spent most of the time close to home, finding and placing caches when we got a free chance. Here is Torran placing one of many caches in a local park.

In the summer, work was busy, so we didn't travel far. There were plenty of caches around town. This particular cache was one from a winter Cache and Release event where only ammo cans were used. Unfortunatly, this cache and the whole green area was ripped up due to a new ring road, the Anthony Henday, being constructed not long after we found this cache.

In July, 08 we headed out to Pigeon Lake to see Torran's Aunt with Torran's Dad and Brother (MadCapr). On the way, we stopped off at an Earthcache... Leduc #1

In September, Tatterhood suggested an impromptu trip to Hinton. On the way there we cached, making the 3hr trip into a 7hr trip. We stayed the night at a hotel and then went out on a winding bike trail in search of caches. What a spectacular hike …