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-TB SPOTLIGHT- Catch Me A Fish

Welcome back to another TB Spotlight where we take a closer look at Travel Bugs we've discovered during our Geocaching adventures. This week we look at a travel bug that we found on our drive home to Alberta from Michigan on July 27th of 2014. It was located in a cache in Minnesota called 2 Above, Louis Below which was a pretty neat cache that we drove up to down by the St. Louis River.

In this cache we found the 'Catch Me A Fish' travel bug and decided to bring it along with us on our journey home. 'Catch Me A Fish' was released back on July 7th of 2013 by its owner Dada Joka. According to Dada Joka, this travel bug was created by his son, who is an avid fisherman. The current goal is for the bug to travel to as many fishing communities as possible and at each new state or country that another lure is added to the chain, minus the hooks. As you can see there were several additional hooks attached when we caught this bug.

On April 7th of 2015, after not finding a …