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The Parawan Gap

Back in May of this year, we decided to go for a family drive to the Parawon Gap. The Parawon Gap is a physical natural break in the  mountains formed by an ancient stream. It allows easy access to the other side of the mountains and is ripe in history and native american petroglyphs.  The area has been made into a nice stopping place with parking, picnic area and paved pathways from one side of the gap to the other. Petroglyphs are highlighted all along the walkway which made it easy for us to take our son TNT Lando along with us. 

After exploring the location and on our way back to the car. we decided to power up the cell phone and check to see if there was a geocache around. Sure enough not far off the beaten path there was a cache. Torran had wanted to put the stroller to the test, so he guided it towards ground zero and found the cache easily. 

This was a very nice, easy paced adventure for us, especially with a newborn. If your looking for a place to go with the family that doe…

Shinob Kibe Trail

On the morning of March 19, 2016 Torran set out with Joe Teton, Zer0 and Ranger Dale to explore the Shinob Kibe trail down by Washington, Utah.  The trail was a good hike up the Shinob Kibe mesa which climbs about 650 feet. The pathway up was clear but had slick areas where loose stones could cause one to become off balance. Combining that with steep slopes made for a cautious climb up the side of the mesa. Even halfway up the views became spectacular. Along the way, Joe Teton pointed out the various geological features which gave us a new perspective and appreciation for this hike.

In the days of old, natives would use this natural wonder as a place of refuge. Evidence of this was pointed out to us by Joe Teton who has spent many years studying various aspects of Southern Utah.  Once we had reached the plateau, the hike became much easier and we were able to find the Shinob Kibe Cache quite easily. The views from the summit were amazing. We took our time exploring the mesa even findi…