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Grapevine Renewal

While on our random trip south in Utah, Torran decided to check on one of his most popular geocaches. 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'. This cache has been going strong since 2009 when it was hidden and has received regular maintenance almost every year since. However, last year we were unable to make the journey south, which meant this cache had gone a few years without some TLC. 

At first, we were unable to locate it, even with the GPS. After 10 minutes of searching we finally spotted it laying on the ground under a bush. The log was completely soaking wet and the camouflage had taken a beating from the desert environment. The hook which had once secured the cache to the Current bush was also missing.
Torran decided to take the cache back to Tatterhood's parent's house and give it a little love. He replaced the hook, replaced the log and cleaned off the debris that had been collected while the cache had sat on the ground, seemingly all winter. He then took it back…

Hiking Zion: The Riverwalk

In March 2014, we randomly decided to take a trip south to Utah to visit family and escape the dragging out of the Canadian winter. While down there, we went with the family on a relatively short trip over to Zion National Park. Though we have been there many times before, each time we stand amazed at the dazzling sights, sounds and epic landscape that surround us. Almost every year since we first met, we have managed to make a trip to this park. We usually try to get a photo at Weeping Rock. Unfortunately this year that hike was too busy.

In fact, the entire park was busy the day we visited. With several of our young nieces and nephews in tow we instead choose to do the riverwalk. The riverwalk is one of the easier hikes in Zion. It's a longer hike then some, but the path is a paved one mile and there are many advantageous locations for photos. Although photos really don't do justice to the immensity and wonder of seeing this incredible formation in its natural glory.

You real…

-TB SPOTLIGHT- The Ladybug

While checking out a few things in the area, we decided to look in on the UA The Cache Effect again to see if all was well. To our surprise we discovered this cute little ladybug travel bug and brought it home to continue it's journey.

Released on August 13th, 2012, The Ladybug has currently travelled 13721.3 miles around North America starting out first in British Columbia, Canada. The travel bug owner, sportbikegirl, has listed the current goal to be to travel from cache to cache getting as many pictures from many places before heading home.
The Ladybug also has a history with the TB owner, having been on her keychain for many years before being set free to travel the world collecting pictures. Sportbikegirl has made one request with this bug, that if possible The Ladybug would be left in premium member caches only.