Hiking Zion: The Riverwalk

In March 2014, we randomly decided to take a trip south to Utah to visit family and escape the dragging out of the Canadian winter. While down there, we went with the family on a relatively short trip over to Zion National Park. Though we have been there many times before, each time we stand amazed at the dazzling sights, sounds and epic landscape that surround us. Almost every year since we first met, we have managed to make a trip to this park. We usually try to get a photo at Weeping Rock. Unfortunately this year that hike was too busy.

In fact, the entire park was busy the day we visited. With several of our young nieces and nephews in tow we instead choose to do the riverwalk. The riverwalk is one of the easier hikes in Zion. It's a longer hike then some, but the path is a paved one mile and there are many advantageous locations for photos. Although photos really don't do justice to the immensity and wonder of seeing this incredible formation in its natural glory.

You really have to keep your eyes open while in the park. We spotted several deer and squirrels. There is also an ancient ruin hidden in the side one of the cliffs. The one that we saw from the road was a granary constructed by ancestral Puebloans that had once dwelled in the region. They must have been part mountain goat to get up to where the granary is situated.

One of the other advantages of coming to Zion in March is that cars are allowed to drive into the main section of the park. During the tourist heavy summer months, trolley style buses are the only motorized vehicle you can ride on within Zion. The buses are free and you can ride them all over the place for as long as you want. Yes, we did this one year. It is nice to sit back and let someone else do the driving for a change. If you ever get a chance to come explore this magnificent park, do it. It's well worth your time.

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