2011 Recap

This year started year late as we experienced one of the worst winters in quite a while. The first real adventure was the annual Cache And Release Winter event at the beginning of May. It was a cold day with quite a bit of snow on the ground. After the first two drive by caches, the third was along the Sturgeon River. We spent way too much time slogging through the hip deep snow, though getting the First To Find (FTF) was a nice reward. It was then we both decided it was time to invest in some snow shoes. So it was off to Canadian Tire and then back out into the frigid weather. Armed with the new equipment, we found our stride and grabbed seven more caches. It was great fun and made us fans of snow shoeing. Unfortunately, the time spent fighting with the deep snow and buying some snow shoes killed most of the day and with night falling along with the temperature, we decided to call it a day. 10 finds in total with 5 FTFs. It was fun. Next year we'll be better prepared for the snow.

Our next adventure came in July. We headed off to Utah for Tatterhood's brother's wedding. On the way down, we stopped and cached at the various rest stops. After the wedding, we headed to the Moab/Blanding area of Utah for a family reunion. Once there, we grabbed several caches in the area and made a trip over to Mesa Verde in Colorado... of coarse we had to grab a Colorado cache. A few days later, we headed over to Arches National Park... but driving through the entrance just seemed to simple, so we decided to put our stock Toyota Tacoma (Obsidian) to the test and take the off-road way into Arches. This involved taking Obsidian up a few mountains and doing a few rock stacks. Despite her long wheelbase (she's a Crew Cab), stock all-weather tires and retarded mudflaps, she made it no problem. Naturally there were several cool caches along the way. It was a great and memorable experience. On the way home, we were able to stop at a few caches that I've (Torran) has been eyeing for years.

Since then, caching has taken a backseat to life. We did manage to find a neat cache out at Pembina River and another one on Nov 11 at around 11:11pm. So hopefully now that things are quieting down again, we'll be able to get back into the sport we love.

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