:. 2015 ROUNDUP .: Disneyland

In March of 2015, we were invited by our niece and nephew to go to Disneyland with them. Figuring it would be a once in a lifetime journey, we booked flights and a hotel. We departed on March 15th, flying from Edmonton to Las Angeles where Tatterhood's dad, Joe Teton, met us at the airport and drove us over to the beach where everyone was hanging out. We spent several hours relaxing before heading to our hotel in Anaheim. 

The next day, we took a shuttle over to Disneyland. It was decided that we would spend the first day at the California Adventures side of the park. The very first ride we got taken on was the Tower of Terror. Walking up to the tower and standing in line, Torran loved all the Art Deco architecture that surrounded him. So much so, he had to borrow a camera to take pictures of it all for his Minecraft ideas. The ride was pretty intense for our first ride. Torran was in a mild state of shock afterwards, becoming as white as a ghost. After a few swigs of cola and a long rest on the curb, we headed over to Cars-Land where we rode on Mater's Junkyard Jamboree. This ride was hilariously funny and easily became a favorite. 
Some of the other rides we went on that day was the Mermaid Grotto, Goofy's Flight School, the Carousel, and then Torran's new favorite ride; Cars Racing. Through a fast pass, single rider and a stroller pass; he rode this ride three times. He secretly loves to drag race, which is a cool part of this ride. Afterwards we explored Cars-Land some more and Bugs Life. The final ride of the night was Star Tours. Joe Teton and Torran loved that ride, however, everyone else got nauseous. As soon as we all got back to the hotel we crashed for the night. 
The next day, we headed back to the park, this time to explore the Disneyland side. First up was Pirates of the Caribbean and then the Haunted Mansion. Both rides were classics. Another highlight was the Indiana Jones ride. It was a lot of fun, though we were lucky to get fast passes for this one otherwise it would have been a long line to wait in. 

Thunder Mountain also became a favorite of ours. We rode that one a few times with everyone. It was a blast.

There were only three rides that weren't so great. The first was the submarines. Our first issue with this ride was the proximity of the wall to the windows of the sub. As the wall passed by, it seemed to make everyone nauseous. Also the story was pretty boring, Tatterhood's brother Baconater fell asleep with his forehead pressed against the porthole. He had a nice red ring on his head afterwards. The second disappointment was the Roger Rabbit ride. The lines were insane and it didn't help that someone puked while waiting which stank up the enclosed space. Once we finally got on the ride, it was short and really wasn't worth it. The third ride that was not our favorite was Autotopia. This under powered go-cart adventure was more like a Sunday drive on a straight road. The only humorous part was when Baconater got the car that had a broken steering wheel. Since the cars run along a single rail to keep them on the coarse, the car bounced back and forth on the track. He was not impressed, but the rest of us laughed our heads off. 

Our last day at the park was more subdued. By this point we were all exhausted from the previous days. Our goal was to visit all of our favorite rides again in both the California Adventures Park and the Disneyland Park, which included the Cars Ride, Mater's Junkyard Jamboree, Thunder Mountain and a number of others. We also had some time to check out a few rides we hadn't been on yet like the Golden Zephyr and the Tiki Room. Near the end of the day we caught the Parade through Disneyland. It was fun seeing the kids excited to see their favorite characters. 
Interestingly enough, when we initially decided to go we both thought, 'It's a once in a lifetime trip. We'll never go back.'. However, after going and experiencing it all, we both thought for months after we got back, 'When can we go back?' It truly was an incredible place and we intend on returning to it soon, especially now that we have a little guy of our own. Can you say Stroller Pass?!

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